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Featuring Deep Laxmi


Powerful Stories from Global Authorities that are Guaranteed to Equip Anyone for Real Life Breakthroughs

There are times in our lives when forces collide to produce life-changing events. Authors from around the world have come together to share their inspirational stories. These breakthrough experiences will give insight and wisdom that will inspire you to greatness!


“Bob Proctor’s material literally transformed my life from night to day. Working with him and with Proctor Gallagher Institute moved me to the next level. The shifting of energy and results were phenomenal, my confidence increase, self- image improved, I am a happier person, my relationships have improved & keep getting better, I developed techniques and awareness in working out the adversities with ease, my mind is more serene, my productivity levels had increase I had achieve things that I have though impossible and this in less than 10 months. My every day is keep getting better & better and I know this is just the very beginning of an exciting journey.


I am so grateful to Bob Proctor for every second he spends reaching people around the world like myself and shift our lives in such a positive and beautiful way.”

Maria Menicou

“I highly recommend the Thinking into Results program created by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher to anyone interested in growing personally or growing their business. If you are willing to commit at least 12 weeks to changing your life, you will literally be astounded by what you can accomplish. Sign up for the program and be prepared for a life-altering experience! “

Dan Vick

“After first free session with Deep, I felt like I have bit of clarity about my goals, on subsequent sessions over 5 months period she has helped me tremendously to develop an action plan and implement them. Results speak for itself, I feel excited about my life. I highly recommend Deep as a Coach.”

Alex Lawrence

“Deep helped me to organize the chaos in my mind. Guided me to be able to run my business with confidence, problem solve without panic, visualize my desired end result, and then make it happen. I will highly recommend Deep Laxmi as Coach and Mentor to take you to the Next Level. “

Peggy Simmons